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We can record exclusively in Analogue or Digital

At Famous Times we can record exclusively in Analogue or Digital or often record Bass and Drums to tape for that warm analogue tape compressed sound then sync the tape deck to protools or logic for overdubbing and mixing. Another preferred technique is to record live to tape then digitally transfer to the computer for mixing.

When you book Famous Times you not only get to record in great studio with a fantastic atmosphere but you also get the considerable experience that Sean Read can bring to your project.  Sean will engineer, programme (where required) and mix your recording and can also play a variety of instruments as well as backing vocals and harmonies if you wish.

Sean Read also offers a full production service, can help with arrangements (including string arrangements),  source musicians and guide you through the process of making a great record all the way through to mastering the final mixes, ready for manufacture and release.


Per day incl, VAT and engineer             £300.00

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